Your crew

The Concerto crew enjoy life to the fullest, and look forward to sharing their love of sailing and the ocean with everyone who spends time aboard this fantastic yacht. Customer service and safety are their top priority, and they will be happy to discuss any special requirements you have in mind for your charter.

James Morris

James Morris, Captain, originally from Wales, UK, has been working on yachts within Australia for the past eight years and has sailed up and down the east coast many times reaching a total of over 35,000 nautical miles. He’s skippered yachts all around the world, including two Sydney to Hobart yacht races where he spent time instructing others how to navigate and sail cruising yachts. James specialises in 60-80ft sailing yachts catering for private charter.

Amber Morris

Amber Morris, chef and hostess, has over 10 years experience working within the hospitality industry. She has worked in top class restaurants throughout Australia and has used these skills aboard yachts in Australia and in the Mediterranean. With an emphasis on healthy living, Amber creates some wonderful dishes inspired by her many travels that guests look forward to each time they visit. Amber’s barista skills are world class and Concerto’s best kept secret.

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